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Vi fick chansen att ställa tre frågor till Alberto om hans senaste kollektion för Animo. Läs om hans tankar inför kolletionen, hur den är annorlunda mot tidigare och vilket plagg som är Albertos favorit.

What were your thoughts before creating this collection?
Before answering this question, I would like to give you an idea about how collections work in Animo. We produce two main collections – Spring Summer and Autumn Winter. Accomapnying these two, at a distance of a few months, collection FLASH is being launched. So in total Animo launches two main collections and two Flash collections.

Now coming to Spring Summer 2023, the idea was to break away from the ordinary. The claim that goes along this collection is MY POINT OF VIEW.
So, the basic idea was to abondon the lonliness, the isolation and the fear, the world was living with, during the pandemic. So my point of view was to concentrate on a new and better future.

In what way is this collection different from the previous ones?
This collection witnessed an evolution in terms of technicalities. A new textile STAR has been added that is more technical, more breathable and lighter. Even the logo has evolved in terms of font with this collection. Colours have been renovated but we have maintained the crystal application. 

Which part of the collection (garment) are you most satisfied with, and why?
I like all the articles because we put our heart and sweat in creating a collection. Every product has something special.
For example, DARTH Women T-shirt is very technical but at the same time exudes class, elegance and richness.  
BITOLS Women T-shirt combines classic and sporty lines.
LUCRE Women sweatshirt is also very close to my heart because it is resistant, light and has sporty elegance.
I would also like to draw your attention to the bags KARNIA and KARISMA, they are simple yet trendy and youngsters can put them to good use. In fact, we have seen a lot of success with these bags. 

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